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Kesner and I wanted to host a reception together at the Ellarslie Museum in Trenton. Ellarslie is a beautiful Mansion in a park that houses many random Trenton historical artifacts.

The Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie Mansion

I got the idea for this event a year earlier when my sorority chapter hosted an afternoon reception there on a sunday. The chapter brought in local authors and served wine and appetizers, it was cute. I wanted to re-create the event, but on a friday night with a cover band and cocktails. I shared this vision with Kesner and we soon began event planning.


Kesner hadn’t been to Ellarslie so I invited him to a concert there on a Friday night; there was a Zydeco band playing.


He picked me up at my apartment at 6:00PM looking handsome. He wore charcoal colored pin striped pants and a black valour sports coat. I wore a black cocktail dress with a striking green necklace that Klay had given me for my birthday months prior.

We made an impression when we arrived, both of us over dressed for the casual evening concert. People kept complimenting us as a couple. We enjoyed wine and cheese while walking around and appreciating the collection. And before long we found ourselves in conversation with the museum director who asked us to consider joining the board. Kesner and I both decided that I should be the one to join.

In the museum gift shop we saw a post card with Barack and Michelle Obama on it. Kesner turned and looked at me and said: “you make a man want to run for president!”

He was always saying the right things…

When the time had come for the band to start, we were disappointed to see the audience sitting in chairs. Zydeco is upbeat southern Louisiana folk music with funky beats and Creole roots. It makes you want to dance.  There were signs around Ellarslie that said: “No dancing in the Museum.” So I suggested to Kesner that we go outside and dance on the veranda.

The largest room of the mansion (where the concert was being held) has floor-to-ceiling French doors that open onto a large veranda. The night weather was warm and wonderful. Kesner and I stepped outside and we danced on the amber lit patio. I felt like we were in a movie. I could tell the audience inside of the mansion was enjoying our performance.

Kesner twirled me around. We jammed together to the funky folk beats, just us two. We were in our own world. We smiled and we laughed and we enjoyed another priceless memory in the making: A warm night, a museum veranda, a dance for two and a Zydeco band.

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