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6 years ago around this time I set out to have 100 wonderful days of Kimberley Copeland. I was grieving at the time, and also feeling that my life was pretty wonderful. I was preparing to move to the Adirondak Mountains for the summer and be a resident preacher at a Unitarian Universalist Church. It was a perfect time to be intentional and fill my heart space with wonder.

I did.

I hiked, I climbed a mountain, I kayaked for miles with a bestie, I preached…

it was all wonderful. And at the end of my summer I found a little yoga studio in the mountains and began a serious yoga practice for the first time.

I returned to New Jersey that Fall, nervous. I was moving to a new community. Would it be as wonderful? My soul friend suggested that I continue with the yoga, she even googled a studio for me in my new neighborhood. They had a Friday night Bob Marley Flow and she thought I would like that…

I tried out the studio and this began my journey to become a yoga teacher. Within 6 months I was signed up for this studio’s teacher training. And on the three year anniversary of my first love’s death, June 9th 2013, I became a yoga teacher.

And now, here. I. Am.

living in a state of wonder.

{how did I get here?}

June 9, 2018 – 8th anniversary of Kesner’s death, 5th anniversary of my becoming a yoga teacher. The latter would never have happened without the former. Isn’t it all a wonder?

Life is lived forward and understood backward..

So I beg you.. have patience with every matter that is unresolved in your heart. Do not seek answers that could not be given to you now. Instead live the questions. In 2010 I didn’t know why this all happened.. to me.  But today it all makes sense.

And it’s all so good.

Beautiful and Wonderful.



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