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I’m officiating a wedding tomorrow. I listened to Marianne Williamson a bit to prepare. She teaches about Love and she claims that every relationship is an assignment.

We are to love everyone, intimacy is already established because we’re all connected in Spirit. But our ego tries to protect us and keep us separated. We’ve all experienced traumas along the way that reinforce a felt need to self-protect.

So our relationships are assigned to us for our healing and re-membering. We learn in our interpersonal relationships where we have blockages to love.

And our Holy relationships- those are our life partners. When you experience chemistry with a person, that feeling of butterflies in the beginning, that is a moment of Divine enlightenment. Your soul recognizes that there is an opportunity for growth to be had in a relationship with that person. It’s not random.

Our Holy relationships are our partnerships; the containers for mutual healing. As our stuff comes up, our partnership holds the space. We grow together and remember – step by step- that we are Love.

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