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Well, come..

Welcome to Thank you very sweet – my odyssey.  You are here for a reason, maybe there is something here for you?  Some spiritual food? This is a book.. no a blog..  no, a journal?  I’m not sure what to call it, one day I just started writing. Or maybe that was God writing..?

All I know is that it makes more sense if you start at chapter 1 and read these in order (you might also want to read the “About” page for more context) – here is the link to chapter 1: Grief Sucks .  Grief does suck..  but things get better over time.  And there are lessons.  And tenderness.  And LOVE.

I hope this story helps you.  It helped me to write this. This blog/book/journal is a She-ro’s  journey.  My quest.

what’s yours?


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