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Every Fall is Not a Death

When I traveled in Sri Lanka a few years ago, I saw these ancient trees that had fallen over and re-rooted.  It reminded me of a time when I was housesitting at The Country House during Hurricane Irene.   There had been a great Mulberry tree on the front lawn that had up-rooted and fallen over during the storm.  I called the owners overseas to tell them and they were devastated.  The tree was pronounced dead. They grieved and had it removed from the lawn.

But these trees in Sri Lanka had fallen and not died.  Instead, they re-rooted from the new position that they were in.

Imagine if we could do that?

I spoke on this in my yoga teachings last week and my friend Kate Corallo said something profound  to me after class: ‘Those trees know how to fall and re-root because they have had to do it over and over throughout history.’

of course.

I suppose this applies to us as well.  Stop resisting. The more we allow ourselves to fall and re-root, the better we become at it.  What an interesting life that could be..

Let it all happen.

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