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I visited Cleveland for Thanksgiving and it was wonderful to be home. The city, however, feels like a construction zone. Cleveland is preparing to host the Republican National Convention this summer and so there is a lot of development happening. I came home to detours and roadblocks and must admit that my first feeling was frustration.

But then my mother explained that this is good. When the construction is complete the city will be transformed. Those spaces that are blocked off now are being remodeled and rebuilt and what is coming is better than what was.

And, OF COURSE, I have been using this analogy in my yoga teachings this week. Because it’s kind of like life..

Maybe there are areas that are blocked off? Relationships, work, creative inspiration? Our lives can sometimes feel like chaotic construction zones, full of detours and roadblocks. And it can be frustrating.

BUT BELIEVE that something good is happening just beyond those orange cones and stone barricades. ¬†Something is being transformed, remodeled and renewed… ¬†and what is coming will be BETTER than what was before! Just HOPE.

Hmm that’s really what Advent is all about.



I looked up the definition of detour before commencing this post. A detour is “a long or round about route taken to avoid something, or to visit somewhere along the way.”

Perhaps the detour IS the blessing?



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