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My friend Andy told me a story once about a group of people that he encountered who had an interesting way of catching monkeys.  They would take bananas and burry them in narrow holes and in narrow pots.  When a monkey would pass by, it would smell the banana and stick it’s hand in the hole or pot to try to yank it out.  And while the monkey would stay there, struggling with that banana, it would get caught.

If only the monkey would let go of the banana, then it could free itself.

Whether the story is actually true is less interesting to me than this metaphor.  To me, this is a story about attachment. I’ve told this story in a sermon or two, and a yoga class or a few… because I believe that many of us can relate to that monkey!  Many of us have our hands in narrow holes, holding on to ideas/thoughts/jobs/relationships/ ways of being that are not serving us. They are keeping us stuck.

If only we would let go of the banana, then we could be free for something else…

Let go of the Banana.

Love Kim


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