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The Truth

You are pure Love. That is your essential nature and it cannot be changed. Anything that you put out that is unlike love – maybe a fear based manipulation or an attack – is the ego. The ego is trying to protect you and it thinks you need to do these things in order to survive in the world. You don’t. This is learned behavior. Anything that you put out that is unlike Love makes the truth of who you are something that you need to learn to remember.

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Last night as I was preparing for my Spirit Flow Yoga class, I decided to check the Revised Common Lectionary to consider the selected texts for this week.  The Gospel text was John 2:1-11, the story of Jesus turning water into wine:

Jesus was at a wedding with his mom.  His mom alerted him that the wine had run out.  He instructed servants to get six barrels and fill them to the brim with water.  By the time the servants returned to the wedding with the barrels, the water had become wine.

This story is interesting because most people know of it; even people who really don’t know much about Jesus seem to know that at some point her turned water into wine.  It’s also interesting because it doesn’t seem to have any noble purpose – no sick person is being healed.  Jesus is seemingly just keeping the party going.

I felt compelled, last night, to research this Scripture to better understand the point of it. What struck me as I was reading is that those barrels were said to have been able to hold between 30-40 gallons of water.  I never considered the size of the barrels.  I’d always envisioned a few carafes, to be honest.  But this was A LOT of water (six 30-40 gallon barrels) turned into A LOT of wine.  And the barrels were said to be filled to the brim.

What I said about it to my class this morning is that maybe this story has something to tell us about abundance.  God wants us to live abundantly.  And the thing about abundance is that its not always good.  Abundance doesn’t mean good, it means full.  We are supposed to have full lives; to learn and grow from every experience.

If things are wonderful for you right now, abide in that.  Don’t feel guilty about your happiness or do things to sabotage it because you’re used to something different.  If life is challenging in this season, let it all happen. Let yourself be done. Ask – what is this experience requiring from me?  What can I learn here? How can I grow?  If life is boring – find 100 things to be grateful for right now.  Take out a notebook and write them down.

We’re not meant to hide from any aspect of our lives.  We’re meant to live abundantly – God wants our barrels to be full.


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