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Being is Enough


Today I am commencing a six month yoga teacher training.  I was asked to write an “intention paragraph”  which I have also decided to share here.  This is my intention, told in story-form, which is my speak:

A friend of mine was in lower Manhattan during the terrorist attacks on 9/11.  She described the chaos in the streets, it was hard to see because the air was filled with soot, it was hard to hear because people were screaming, and it was hard to know which direction to go because no one knew which way was safe.   Rather than participate in the chaos, my friend sat down on a curb in the midst of it.  She watched people’s feet as they ran from left to right in a storm of confusion.  And as she continued to sit still, she looked over her shoulder and she saw a small group of people sitting together under a tree, praying.  She joined them.  I am here today to cultivate that manner of stillness within me.  The world is chaotic, sometimes the air is filled with soot and you can’t see which way to go.  People will run from here to there, offering you their opinions but how can we know what is true?  I am here to cultivate inner peace enough to give me the strength not to conform.  I am here to cultivate the peace of stillness within me.  I will bring these gifts to my husband, my children, and my community.   Amen.

Practicing yoga has strengthened my mental and emotional fortitude, as it has strengthened and toned my body.  Practicing yoga has helped me see that I, just as I am, am enough.  It has helped me become strong on the inside and soft and flexible on the outside, just like a fish.

And now I am going deeper.  The journey will begin for me tonight at 7.  I will keep you posted (pun intended).



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My mother called me yesterday afternoon to tell me that this picture was hanging on the “success wall” at our physical therapist/personal trainer’s office.  Specifically she said that it had been printed as an 8 by 10, and that it was cut into an oval shape.  She had forgotten that she texted the pic to her PT after it was taken in September…

Black Cool

We were in DC.  This was early September, about four months after I wrote my open love letter to Common (see “Love’s Call”) and about 4 days after the full moon in Pisces.  It was a blue moon.   The weather was bad and I remember thinking that was interesting.  His flight to DC was delayed; he had been re-routed to Norfolk Virgina from New York City.  It was fashion week.

Common was being honored that night by a community martial arts program. Specifically they were giving him an award in the name of Paul Robeson –  the famed American singer, actor, athlete, political activist, Princeton native and Rutgers grad.

Paul Robeson

Paul Robeson

In her earlier summer travels to DC, Talithea had seen a flyer advertising this event and she got tickets for us.It was a peculiar night.

Talithea had invited two friends along, which I initially had some trepidation about because I did not know how I was going to be… The four of us sat in the audience of the Lincoln theatre and waited for Common to arrive; it was a seemingly endless wait. We received periodic updates on his flight status from his personal assistant, Kayla.

When he arrived, he was interviewed and it was beautiful to hear from him; to breathe the same air and to be in the same room.

I was happy.

And when the show was over, my friends suggested that I go back stage to pass him a note.  But I couldn’t do that, it didn’t feel natural to me.  I didn’t feel brave enough for that sort of thing.

So I didn’t.

After we left the theatre, our parties split.  Talithea and I went to a restaurant on U Street, and our friends (Pierre and Talia) went to a “margarita spot” a few blocks away.    About 10 minutes into the dinner, after I had declared my desire to go home, we received a text from Pierre telling us to get to the margarita spot quick!

Common was sitting three tables away from them.

Tee and I took a cab to the restaurant and joined Pierre and company.  With just three tables between us; this was the point that I had what can best be described as a mini panic attack.  Thankfully it was confined to our table and didn’t involve noise.

I was overwhelmed.

I watched as people went up to his table and asked for pictures.  He was kind and gracious with them.  Everyone at our table (by this time Pierre and Talia had been joined by a friend from Howard) had opinions about what I should be doing in that moment.  I couldn’t hear them.  However,  I do recall Pierre suggesting that I write about this at some point.  Thanks Pierre :).

They wanted me to go to his table, to pass him a note –  but I didn’t want to move unless God was telling me to.  So I sat still.

At some point I called Klay and asked him to pray with me live on the phone.  Or maybe Talithea called Klay, I can’t remember.  By this time, I had frustrated our party so they left Talithea and I at the restaurant alone, lol.  And with just Tee and I at the table, I reached across and held her hand while Klay prayed for me on my cell phone in my ear.  Tee couldn’t hear what Klay was saying but she was praying anyway – I so appreciated it.

When we lifted our heads from prayer, Talithea saw Kayla (Common’s assistant) get up to go the bathroom and she popped up behind her and followed her.  I will never know all that Talithea said to Kayla in the bathroom that night, but I know she told her about Thank You Very Sweet and I think she also told her it was my birthday, lol.  It was not my birthday.

Kayla came out of the bathroom before Talithea did and she walked directly over to me.  By this time I was standing, as we were preparing to leave.  Kayla said “Hi what’s your name?”  , I said “Kim”; then she said “Common, this is Kim”  I turned and he was right there behind me!

Time stopped.

I’ve heard that he looks everyone in the eye, and he was no different with me.   I looked back.  I gave him back his penetrating gaze. no blinks.

What I did not give him in that moment were my words.  There wasn’t enough time to speak.  There were no words sufficient enough to fit into that brief encounter; there were no words sufficient enough to capture the breath of feeling that I have about this person.  So I held back my words. Klay kept saying, “Kim he just needs to hear your voice; he needs to hear you speak…”  but it wasnt time.  I felt the way that Oprah said she felt when she met Sydney Poitier for the first time; how can you adequately capture those feelings into words in such a short amount of time?

We Pisces are intuitive beings.  This was our third close encounter in ten years. I will see him again.


Our mutual gaze lasted about thirty seconds, until Kayla directed us to take a picture.  He put his arm around my hip and leaned in, I could feel his strength. He is solid.  It only strengthened my attraction to him, adding a physical element.  He is tall and strong.

Talithea took the picture.

Tee and I left the restaurant quickly after that.  Several of the restuarant staff wanted pictures with him also, so he was detained a bit longer.  I did not look back at him as we walked out of the door but Talithea did.  She said he did a pivot turn and watched us walk out.  “He will be dreaming of the girl in the yellow dress tonight,” Tee said.  I hoped so, I chose to believe that.

When we stepped on the curb, a cab came immediately and we left.

And in the time since then, this picture has been sent around to my friend network via text.  And two of my besties (Tee and Kristen) have printed it and put it on their vision boards, as have I.  And now it’s on the success wall at my personal trainer’s office.

And now it is also here for you to see.  It is here for the 13,000+ people who have read this blog so far, and those who are yet to come.  Believe with me if you choose.

This story isn’t over.

My bad, I was wrong to end this blog 7 months ago.  I am still living and I have much to share.


Last night, as I talked to Klay before bed, he reminded me that life is a journey, not a destination.  And this morning at 6AM I woke up, arrested, with a voice so deep telling me to get up and start writing…..   more.


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