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Being is Enough


Today I am commencing a six month yoga teacher training.  I was asked to write an “intention paragraph”  which I have also decided to share here.  This is my intention, told in story-form, which is my speak:

A friend of mine was in lower Manhattan during the terrorist attacks on 9/11.  She described the chaos in the streets, it was hard to see because the air was filled with soot, it was hard to hear because people were screaming, and it was hard to know which direction to go because no one knew which way was safe.   Rather than participate in the chaos, my friend sat down on a curb in the midst of it.  She watched people’s feet as they ran from left to right in a storm of confusion.  And as she continued to sit still, she looked over her shoulder and she saw a small group of people sitting together under a tree, praying.  She joined them.  I am here today to cultivate that manner of stillness within me.  The world is chaotic, sometimes the air is filled with soot and you can’t see which way to go.  People will run from here to there, offering you their opinions but how can we know what is true?  I am here to cultivate inner peace enough to give me the strength not to conform.  I am here to cultivate the peace of stillness within me.  I will bring these gifts to my husband, my children, and my community.   Amen.

Practicing yoga has strengthened my mental and emotional fortitude, as it has strengthened and toned my body.  Practicing yoga has helped me see that I, just as I am, am enough.  It has helped me become strong on the inside and soft and flexible on the outside, just like a fish.

And now I am going deeper.  The journey will begin for me tonight at 7.  I will keep you posted (pun intended).



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