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Do the Work

Life has been really good lately.  I am doing work that I love, I have a great therapist, a new trainer, new patterns and habits, I’ve met some new men and I’m going on new dates; and I’m being more intentional about connecting with my friends – not just on social media, but really seeing my friends and spending time with them. When we connect, my friends say “what’s happening with you, Friend?” And I often say “not much,” but that’s not really true so I have been updating my instagram page more often  – taking photos –  to remind myself of how awesome and new each day is. Each moment.

This morning in my Spirit Flow class, I taught from John chapter 5 verses 1-8.  Its the story of a man who had been laying by the pool of Bethesda for 38 years, waiting to be healed.  When Jesus encountered him he asked: “do you want to be made well?” the man responds by saying that nobody is there to help him into the mystical waters when the pool gets stirred up and he never gets in there in time to get his healing.  Then Jesus responds by saying “Pick up your mat and walk!” and the man is instantly healed and starts walking.

A few things about this teaching:

  1. The man had a long relationship with his affliction.  As so many of us do. Who would we be without it?
  2. He was close to healing but had never been healed himself. He’d seen so many other people healed, laying by that pool for 38 years.  But he was still sick.
  3. His healing required him to do the work! Jesus said “do you want to be made well?” its a question we all should ask.  Yes we may know our affliction and even be comfortable with it but do we want to be made well?  And his answer.. “well nobody has helped me…” No. Nobody is coming to save you.  instead you must do the work. Get a therapist, join a program, find a community,  a church, engage a life coach, find a  yoga studio, a trainer, a gym, get on E-harmony, quit your job, get out of that relationship, let go, change your habits, clean your house, be intentional, start. Whatever it takes, you know what you need to do because you have seen other people healed. Do the work. It may not be easy. But it’s up to you to pick up your mat and walk.


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