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Seeking Wisdom

I’m endeavoring to write something here each week on Sundays. It all started with my website launch http://www.reverendyogi.com which came together quite organically and quickly – after an old friend reached out who does that sort of thing. When the website went live another friend said:

“I’m looking forward to your words of wisdom.”


I thought.

Well I better come up with some wise things to say..

Truth is I have been praying for wisdom lately. I pray daily and find that it really works. I talk to God, I seek an answer about something or maybe an intervention or resolution and then I let that thing go. When I can do that – really let it go – the answer comes. This has been working all over the place in big and small things – from finding my nail clippers to the Senate voting down of the skinny healthcare repeal bill. I’ve been praying about all of these things.

And as for wisdom, I realized this past week that this is probably the best possible prayer that I could pray for myself – to be made wise. And just now God led me to my book shelves!


Books that have become for me like living room decorations are right here and available for me to read. Funky how often it seems that what we seek, we already have.

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Yesterday I sat in a women’s circle led by a Native American midwife. She shared a natural birthing video with us and also a traditional blessing that is said to each child when they emerge into the world:

May you live long enough to know why you are here.

May we all.

I like to sometimes remind my yoga students how rare and precious a gift it is to have been born a human being. “You could have been a blade of grass, an ant or a mosquito – there are so many more of them,” I say. This being human is really special and we each were chosen by God for this path for a reason. May we live long enough to know why.

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 “..but David Encouraged Himself in the Lord.”
2 Samuel 30:6

In this story, after arriving home from a military expedition, David and his troops learned that their wives and children had been kidnapped and their homes had been plundered. David and his troops cried until they couldn’t cry anymore and soon there was talk among his troops about stoning David to death for this travesty. But David Encouraged himself in the Lord. With God’s help David recovered every person that had been kidnapped and every possession that had been stolen, returning them to their families.

What this story impresses upon me is that sometimes you have to encourage yourself. Sometimes you’re standing alone in the pit and everyone holds you accountable. Your situation may seem bleak. Maybe you are in the midst of great despair?  People close to you may turn their backs on you and criticize or condemn you. In those moments encourage yourself in the Lord!  Remember that there is a Divine Force that is with you, in you, greater than you and for you.  Let go. Surrender to that Force and allow it to guide you towards restoration and victory.


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