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On Victory!

For some time I have been meaning to write a blog post about the Resurrection of Christ. This thinking began at the beginning of March over breakfast with a fellow seminarian and friend. We got to talking about the resurrection and decided that it should be understood as a continual process rather than a one time event. I then later decided that it also really can’t be understood without consideration of the sociopolitical climate of the time.

The Roman Empire was powerful and mighty and it was imposing that might on poor farmers. Roman authorities used religious leaders like the chief priest (Sadducees) to collect taxes and enforce Roman laws. Meanwhile other religious leaders (Pharisees) were pretty irrelevant. There was a lot of inequality. People were poor and many were homeless and living in the streets. Jesus came to where the people were with a message for everyone that basically said that you don’t have to stay stuck the way you are. You are not who society says you are, you are who God says you are. You can change. You can grow. You can heal. There is more.

Jesus was such a threat to Rome that they crucified him. People didn’t get crucified every day, it was a death reserved for the most vile offenders. They killed him. And he returned in three days!! The victory in the story is that the resurrection communicates that those things that are true, spiritual and Of God are more powerful than any societal structure that humanity could ever create on its own.


Tonight I am thinking about the concept of victory in my own life. Kesner’s mom said “First comes suffering, then healing, then victory.” I have lived by that over the last three years: I suffered and healed and up until recently I was waiting for my victory to arrive. I was looking for “my victory” to arrive from an external source but I realized the other day that I am already victorious. My victory has been accomplished through an internal process. Today I am strong. I can do things today that I could never do before. I am fluid, I am growing, I AM resurrecting…



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