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On Marriage

I officiated a wedding yesterday and was reminded of how much I love this part of my job. It’s my favorite part.  I also thought about what the Pope said a few weeks ago on 20/20. Prior to his visit to this country, there was a town hall meeting and a teenaged girl asked him what he hoped for her generation. Pope Francis said ‘I want you to walk together, not alone.  And when you walk together, walk with courage.”

Getting married is courageous. It’s beautiful.


These couples? I married them 🌷🌷.

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On Selling Out

I’ve been thinking a lot about Jacob and Esau this week. They were brothers; twins, who were constantly at odds. Esau was the first born twin and so had all of the rights and priveleges that came along with being the first born son – he would be the one to lead the family after his father died. He would receive his father’s blessing. And his father loved Esau; he was athletic and strong, a hunter. Jacob stayed closer to home and was appreciated more by his mother.

One day after a hunt, Esau came home hungry; Jacob was making stew. He asked Jacob for some stew and Jacob said ‘only if you sell me your birthright.’ This meant selling his brother all of the rights and priveleges associated with being the first born son.  Esau sold his brother his birthright for a bowl of stew.

I read in a commentary this week that this would be the equivelant of selling your wedding ring for a hamburger. It’s the equivelant of selling something of tremendous value for a very cheap price.

and how often do we do this? How often do we compromise our value because we’re hungry. Maybe for affection, change, the need to be liked or to fit in?

Lets not be like that Esau.

Genesis 25:29-34

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